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About Me

Hi! I'm a mental health counselor and I create content to help you discover your true self. I firmly believe that we can only experience life fully if we live with intention. 


What does it mean to live with intention? It means living with purpose and meaning because you’re deeply in tune with yourself. It’s that place where you feel centered and true on your own – where you’re independent, have self-will and a strong sense of who you are. 

To get there, you need to get to know your true self. To find your uncomfortable spaces, truths, and joys and to reawaken yourself. And it begins with emotional awareness and an honest, vulnerable look inside.


This is where I come in. I provide meaningful, thoughtful discussions and tips and tools that are created with you in mind to help you work through grief, trauma, stress, and everything in between. Learn the ways to work through issues instead of working around them, so you’re able to be conscious to yourself and explore within. From videos, podcast, meditations, blog, guides, kits, worksheets, to workshops and courses, there is something for everyone, as we all learn differently. Use the content on your own, with a partner or friend, or bring it into session with your therapist. 


My approach is rooted in emotional health. I want to inspire you to become aware of your true self through conscious exploration – finding your pain and heartache, your truths and joys, and by reawakening yourself. When you’re able to connect with your true self in body and in mind, that’s when you’re able to live with intention. 


If you're a mental health practitioner, my content is for you, too, personally and professionally. Introduce my content to your clients to assist them on their healing journeys and to enrich your sessions. Worksheets, kits, guides, workshops and courses are based in psychotherapeutic theories and practices. 

Welcome! You got this! 



Kayla Erenthal, MS, LAC, CPC

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